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Be Fearless pursuing what sets your soul on fire!

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The 10/10 Pledge

For our 10/10 pledge, we will donate 10 personal care products for every 10 packages of classes/privates or unlimited packages our customers purchase to support like-minded individuals and groups who believe in active community involvement. January, February,
and March we are working with the Pacific Garden Mission Homeless Shelter to help get our Pledge to those who need it most.
Since 1877, Pacific Garden Mission has been a place of refuge and transformation for the homeless and hurting. Millions of struggling people have come to Pacific Garden Mission seeking food, shelter, and more.

To learn more about Pacific Garden Mission visit: https://www.pgm.org/

This is what Chicago Cubs Pitcher Jake Arrieta has to say about Pilates:
"It's an incredible experience. This is life-changing" Arrieta says. "Pilates has been around a long time but maybe was taboo in this sport. I started out thinking I could take one or two classes per week. It took me one session to get hooked and become a total Pilates junkie. I now do Pilates six days a week. What I noticed from Pilates last year was that I have much better control of my body,” Arrieta says. “I repeat my delivery consistently. My balance is much improved. And the mental and physical toughness Pilates requires to complete movements the correct way have directly helped me on the mound.” Just think what Pilates can do for you!

Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit - Aristotle

Sana Vita Studio's mission is to transform your mind and body and facilitate a change in individual health through Yoga, Pilates, Bodhi and Yamuna Body Rolling training by giving you a powerful long-term plan to optimize your health and fitness. We achieve this goal by providing a professional, inviting, invigorating, results-driven environment for you to receive safe and effective conditioning. As instructors, we are always analyzing body movement and reworking components to make it function properly.  Just like a mechanical engineer might work on a car engine, our instructors work on the human body. Our goal is to help you become your best self and live a magnificent life!

We also encourage a wellness lifestyle, which means living in a way which nurtures one's own potential for health and well-being. Aging is a fact, but remaining fit permits you to optimize your body’s complete potential.  There is a stage-level progression we teach which offers magnificent and life-altering results. If you are eager to modify your lifestyle or exercise habits, change your body, change how you move, change the way you feel or how you experience life, contact our studio. We would love to share the science of hope through our exercise techniques with you. 

Upon entry into Sana Vita, you will discover this exercise studio and the professionals who manage the programs are for Real. The workplace is pristine and the equipment in our studio is maintained to the highest standard. From the professionalism of our staff, all of whom are certified, the convenient location, to amenities in the bathroom, our clients find our deep devotion to their physical and mental wellness.


Winner Best Business in West Town Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2015



Winner Today's Chicago Woman Magazine Readers' Choice: "Best of Chicago" Best Pilates/Yoga Studio


Winner Best of City Search 2010 Top 5 Chicago Pilates Studio and Winner Best of City Search 2013 thru 2016 Top 20 Chicago Pilates Studio



There is no substitute for strength...
You have to first move well, then move often

The key element to long-term success is having a well-developed plan to maximize your mental and physical health. Together, we will cultivate a meaningful connection with you, coordinate a design which best fits your needs and mentor you throughout the strategy. Mentoring our clients is a preeminent component because we want to impact your life in a potent and healthy way. Together we can create an optimal plan for you to remain motivated and engaged for the duration of training. 

Mindful movement is an intelligent movement practice where you, the student, are required to be aware of your movements and correct errors. We use our senses and perceptions to inspire our future actions, perfect our movements for efficiency, strength and flexibility. The question remains: Do you pay attention?  We are here to impel you to advance your body awareness, fulfill your dedication and help you refine your mindful-mover skills.

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" - Joseph Pilates

Discover the person you were always meant to be,
you owe that to yourself

Change your mindset: This is the principal step. It begins with a simple understanding: If I am in pain, my body movements are not good for me. This change begins by no longer imagining the self-limiting belief your pain is the result of your age. It is not. Pain is typically caused by your movement and daily routine. Sana Vita’s focus is achieving maximal high-quality movement which is pain free, safe and devises a fully-functioning body.  Get your movement in alignment and you will realize a life with reduced pain.

Private Lessons and Group Classes guaranteeing remarkable results:

Pilates Reformer & Mat
Pilates Prenatal Reformer
Prenatal Yoga
Yamuna Body Rolling

We can help you with any goals!

Nestled conveniently between the eclectic West Loop and  East Village neighborhoods, Chicagoans searching for Pilates and Yoga private lessons and group classes have discovered a crown jewel with demonstrable results. Owner Marilyn D'Andrea opened Sana Vita Studio Pilates and Yoga in June 2004. We have created a beautifully serene and captivating environment which provides high-quality bodywork for men and women of all ages and physical condition.

Sana Vita Studio offers instant savings to our internet customers with our monthly coupon.  Simply fill out the form below and you will receive the discount coupon. To see all of our package and class prices, click the PRICING link above and then click the ONLINE STORE link.

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Prenatal Pilates
Prenatal Yoga
Yamuna Body Rolling


Kelli Bonomo, our nutritional coach, was recently on HLN, CNN's health network, talking about her experience with overcoming yo-yo dieting. Yo-yo diet no more with Kelli. Check out her video below and learn more about her coaching packages here.


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Listen to the radio interview featuring Marilyn D'Andrea, owner of Sana Vita Studio, on David Rothstein's The Wedding 101 Radio Show.

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We were voted one of the Best Yoga Studios in Chicago!

Sana Vita Studio offers instant savings to our internet customers with our monthly coupon.  Simply fill out the form below and you will receive the discount coupon. To see all of our package and class prices, click the PRICING link above and then click the ONLINE STORE link.

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Prenatal Pilates
Prenatal Yoga
Yamuna Body Rolling

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I love Sana Vita Studio! I started 3.5 weeks ago and have to say thank you thank you ladies! I've lost 13 pounds! Plus thanks Marilyn for the high heel exercises I grunted over in class. I was able to walk up several sets of stairs in 4 in high heels last night without breaking a sweat! Please, invest in yourself - this studio takes the time to care and work with you in achieving results. I've only had to see my chiropractor 2 times in 3.5 weeks for my back an I used to go 3 times a week. So happy and thankful to have found such an amazing studio.

~ Jen Sawka-Cavell

All the instructors (love Pamela) are amazing and supportive; they know each person who comes in by name, as well as their unique physical limitations, strengths, and weaknesses. They always make classes both fun and challenging.  I would recommend this studio to anyone who is serious about their health and wellness.

 ~ Jill Bonfiglio

I'm addicted! I live in Old town and would drive another fifty miles to go to Sana Vita Studio. I started Pilates about 5 yrs ago. I started with privates with Marilyn. I had tendinitis of the elbows. Pilates works wonders! I now enjoy reformer, mat and jump board classes. Great place if you are beginner or advanced. Sana Vita is VERY WELCOMING!

~ Julie Pelter

If there was a button for Love,         I would choose that instead of like. I totally love this place. Amazing, pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable owner and staff. Chicago needs more Sana Vita.

~ Faith Ridge

There is no more powerful or challenging change you can make in your life than looking at how you think. It's a choice and every single choice creates a new future.

What are your priorities? Are your behaviors in line with them? We can help you align your words and actions. Fitness is easy when it resonates with your life; it's impossible when it conflicts with your life.

Are you tired of exercise programs that just don’t work? Give us 55 minutes 2x per week and we'll give you the health & fitness level you have always wanted. It's never too late to get in shape for life. And, most importantly, people who exercise simply live longer than people who don't. We offer sustainable exercise for pain-free health and longevity.

Sana Vita Studio 1357 W Grand Avenue Chicago, IL 60642 312-829-VITA (8482) www.sanavitastudio.com

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