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Chicago Pilates & Yoga Studio

Winner Today's Chicago Woman MagazineReaders' Choice:

"Best of Chicago" Best Pilates/Yoga Studio

Winner Best of City Search 2010
Top Five Chicago Pilates Studio

Winner Best of City Search 2013
Top Ten Chicago Pilates Studio

    "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness" - Joseph Pilates 

The Chicago Award Program selected Sana Vita Studio for 2 consecutive years "Best of Chicago" in the Fitness Category. Winner 2012 and 2013 Best of Chicago Award.

Sana Vita Studio's mission is to help people improve their relationship with their body through Yoga, Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling training by giving them a powerful long term plan to optimize their health and fitness. We do this by providing an inviting, energizing, results driven environment for our clients to receive safe and effective conditioning. We also encourage a wellness lifestyle, which means living in a way that nurtures one's own potential for health and well-being.

                            You have to first move well, then move often...

The key to long-term success is having a well laid out plan to optimize your health. You will forge a meaningful connection with us as a coach or mentor because we want to help impact your life in a powerful way. Together we can create an optimal plan for you to stay motivated and engaged for the long haul.

Are you ready to change how you move?
 Great! The first step is to change your mindset–this is the most important step.
 It begins with a simple understanding:
If I am in pain, then the way I have been moving is not good for me. This change begins by no longer buying into the self-limiting beliefs that your pain is caused by your age. It is not. The pain is caused by your movement choices. Our focus is on achieving high quality movement that is pain-free, safe and creates a fully functional body.  Get your movement in alignment and everything amazingly changes.

Private Lessons and Group Classes guaranteeing remarkable results:

Pilates Reformer & Mat
Pilates Prenatal Reformer  
Power Yoga
Prenatal Yoga  
Yamuna Body Rolling

What Do You Really Want?

    • You say you want "core strength" but actually do you want to feel tight and toned in your stomach area?
    Are you wanting to be ‘toned’ or would you like to create more proportion in your body?

  • Do you want more ‘flexibility’ or to not feel like your age is creeping up on?

  • Are you wanting to ‘get fit’ or be able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded?

We can help you with any goal!

Nestled between the hot West Loop and East Village neighborhoods. People in Chicago searching for Pilates and Yoga private lessons and group classes have discovered a true gem, with proven results. Owner Marilyn D'Andrea opened Sana Vita Studio Pilates and Yoga in June 2004. We have created a beautifully serene and unintimidating environment for providing high quality bodywork for people of all ages and physical condition.

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This year is filled with endless possibilities...

Discover the person you were always 
meant to be, you owe that to yourself. 

There is no more powerful or challenging change we can make in our lives than looking at how we think. It's a choice and every single choice creates a new future.

What are your priorities? Are your behaviors in line with them? We can help you align your words and actions. It is important to remind yourself that everyone in the class is hoping to get healthier and stronger. You can’t change the length of your limbs or the shape of your bones. You can however, use all the nutrition and exercise information you will learn to make a lasting improvement in your health. Fitness is easy when it resonates with your life. It's impossible when it conflicts with your life.

Are you tired of exercise programs that just don’t work? Give us 55 minutes 2x per week and we'll give you the health & fitness level you have always wanted. It's never too late to get in shape for life. And, most importantly, people who exercise simply live longer than people who don't. We offer sustainable exercise for pain-free health and longevity.

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The goal and passion of My Fit Foods is to help you create a habit of healthy eating. Whether you have a specific health or fitness goal, obstacle or food allergy...eating healthy should be easy.
All foods are nutrient dense, lean, low glycemic, and heart healthy! My Fit Foods are perfectly proportioned meals available in small, medium and large sizes.

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Need some help with your diet? Check out our Nutritional Coaching page to setup an appointment with our nutritional coach Kelli Bonomo.


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Listen to the radio interview featuring Marilyn D'Andrea, owner of Sana Vita Studio, on David Rothstein's The Wedding 101 Radio Show.

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