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The Mission of Sana Vita Studio

Pilates and Yoga studioPilates and Yoga studio

2017 can be filled with endless possibilities...

Discover the person you were always meant to be, you owe that to yourself.

Sana Vita means "Healthy  Life" in Latin. To embark on your best year ever, you need the resolve to make a permanent life change; you require an illuminating path and a detailed strategy on what precisely is required to achieve your optimum aim. This involves more than a mere few weeks to reach your destination. Think about what you want to do and not only what you should do.  Change is frightening:  It often entails an emotional impact on our lives for which we are not entirely prepared. However, if you secure the desire to change, you have taken the crucial first step toward a fundamental change in your life. Avoid the pitfalls of comparing yourself to others:  Regardless of what you do, or how much effort you place into reaching your goal, your preeminent aim is to determine a vision for your life, what is required on a fulfilling journey and realize your design. Uncover what your individual needs are and satisfy them, not someone else’s.

After conducting research on 40 patients who use Pilates as a form of rehabilitation following joint replacement surgery, Dr. Brett Levine, orthopedic surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, has co-authored the book, Pilates for Hip and Knee Syndromes and Arthroplasties. Seventy percent of the patients were extremely satisfied with their outcome after using Pilates. Dr. Levine believes Pilates is an excellent form of exercise post-surgically and pre-surgically because it is low-impact and strengthens the core, improves range of motion of joints and studies show it quickens recuperation time after injury.

The Basics of Posture

Posture is the way you hold your body while standing, sitting, or performing tasks like lifting, bending, pulling, or reaching. If your posture is good, the bones of the spine — the vertebrae — are correctly aligned.

Pilates, Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling, needs to be focused and regular.  Going through the motions isn’t enough. A habit of “focused practice” isn’t established until we can get our spirit, our soul, our heart into what we are doing. Doing the action or practice consistently may create the habit in time, but it’s more important for us to really get our heart into it.  Creating new habits is about becoming the habit. It is not about installing a habit, it is about embodying one. Good working habits are not something external, they are a medium through which we express and master ourselves. It requires moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar.  As soon as we slow ourselves down and give ourselves completely to the development of ourselves, that is when we see dramatic changes and improvement in posture. 

The path to quality, pain-free movement begins by transforming the ethos around how you move. It begins with a simple understanding:  If I am in pain, the way I have been moving is not good for me. If I want to reduce or eliminate pain, I must change the way I move. This adjustment begins by disassociating yourself from fallacious beliefs pain is caused by age. On the contrary, it is not. Pain is caused by body motion and body movement.  When you make the necessary amendments to your alignment, your will realize a pain-free lifestyle. At Sana Vita Studio, can help you reach your goal; however, we do not promise an immediate change. The evolution for a pain-free life requires a dedication to learning various techniques and time-tested sessions; however, Sana Vita’s staff is dedicated to facilitate your growth to reach your physical and emotional goals.

Change your words
Change your life

Check out this fantastic video, it's called The Power of Words. Those who watch are overcome with a sense of awe.  The human brain is stimulated when interpreting powerful words; it is a primary tool for survival. I believe in the power of words and the power of those who confess them. As Emily Dickinson writes: "I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.”  What we learn from viewing the video is the impact words, repeated often, have on the direction of our lives.Think carefully about the words which you consistently say to yourself and ask if they are in alignment with the changes you are attempting to make to improve your life.

Refer a Friend Program

At Sana Vita Studio, we believe the most reliable method of measuring your satisfaction with our studio is the recommendation of our studio’s services to a friend, family member or business associate. Sana Vita finds the most authentic demonstration of your confidence and trust in our studio rests in the fact half of our first-time clients originate from our current clientele. Sana Vita boasts of a 98% client satisfaction rate.

To show our appreciation, we developed the “Refer a Friend Program” to thank you for referring us. This gives you the opportunity to get free classes or private sessions.

If referral purchases a 10 private package you get

a free private lesson

If referral purchases a 10 mat package you get

a free mat class

If referral purchases a 10 equipment package you get

a free equipment class

Pilates Mat and Equipment classes 55 minutes. Cardio Pilates Equipment class 50 minutes.
Power Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling classes 75 minutes.
Mat Classes include: Pilates Mat, Prenatal Yoga & Power Yoga.
Pilates Equipment Classes include Reformer, Cadillac and Low Chair.

Proven Results

Contributed by guest teacher: Adina Bezerita
In a technologically driven and disconnected world, we are uploaded into a cyber-cloud of multitasking, sitting day-long in front of devices that encode our expressions of self, and inundated with unhealthy distractions looming everywhere. Can you feel it? What practice can challenge a human being to re-establish the inner and outer connection that inspires mindful living and achieving? Pilates!

I found Sana Vita Studio, a sanctuary of safe practice and exploration in Mind-Body-Awareness. Through Pilates, I was curious to discover what others thought about their experiences. In discussion with clients at the studio, they joyfully shared their insights telling me that Sana Vita studio is a place of trust, loyalty and dedication. In addition, they are dedicated to their long-term Pilates practice that has improved and continues to improve their quality of life and well-being. 
To discover and frame deeper insights from practitioners, I asked: “What did you learn about your body and Mind-Body connection by practicing Pilates?”

“Pilates requires me to concentrate on movement. There are a lot of things to think about at once in order to do something effectively so there's no phoning it in for me.  It's very challenging for me when I'm distracted, stressed or tired. But I have found time and time again that if I can put all that aside and get through my hour, I feel restored and energized.” Renee Mahoney

“I experience incredible stiffness. I see my Pilates practice like physical therapy, to stretch and move, otherwise the body gets stiff. I get a wider range of action and motion in the physical body.” Denise Russo

“I learned the importance of correct positioning and alignment of the body for the best results. Also deep breathing to push my body to its fullest potential.” Julie Pelter

“I started coming to Sana Vita about 10 years ago because I was interested in learning about Pilates to improve core strength and help me manage effects of stress causing muscle tightness and pain. I was a member at a big gym near my office, but came to Sana Vita because of its location in my neighborhood close to home and the personal environment. I was immediately drawn to Marilyn's warmth, knowledge and non-judgemental, encouraging style.” Renee Mahoney

When considering inner and outer harmony, Pilates both challenges and reclaims focus while improving overall well-being. This is apparent at Sana Vita Studio. It has an established local history of genuine nurturing and knowledgeable guidance.

"Self care is never a selfish act--it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer others." -  Parker Palmer

The Sana Vita Studio Difference

Those who achieve great things rarely, if ever, accomplish it alone. They enlist their support team; they surround themselves with a qualified group of people, all of whom enable them to succeed. When you look at your body and you look at your performance you may think:  There are so many different things I could be doing. There are whole inventories of good deeds which you could do, but my question is: What's the best thing that you can do?  When one pauses and reflects on which diet change or alterations in exercise are needed, you are required to define the most tangible benefits to any perceived change. The best investment you can make is to schedule a session with a trainer who understands how to help you, not only how to perform the exercises correctly in Sana Vita but also instruct you the exercises which can be performed in your home. We can demonstrate how to exercise because, ultimately, it's not your lack of will power, you may have needed discipline, but what is essential is a plan. Proper form is essential for success when training for anything from general fitness to sports events and/or competitions. It is the quality of training which influences your progress, even more than the quantity. Instructors at Sana Vita Studio will provide feedback for improvement, aid you in overcoming obstacles which emerge during sessions and both develop and maintain your discipline.

Say "goodbye" to the slouch:
learn to get upright again!

The good news: It is never too late to make a positive change in your body! You drive, you work at a desk, you spend long hours in front of your computer, and you use your smart phone to text. These tasks, however necessary, are adversely transforming the mechanics of your body; you are further distanced from sitting upright. Movement patterns based on compensation create strain in the body. Any deviation in one area of the body will cause the mechanics of the entire body to shift, leading to imbalances in muscles, pain and dysfunction. We seek to address patterns of tension and strain. It is not sufficient to merely strengthen and stretch muscles; incorporating proper movement patterns is an essential technique for improved mobility, movement and pain reduction. Correct exercise mechanics decreases the amount of stress which is placed on the skeletal system and lessens the likelihood of an injury occurring. Sana Vita’s hands-on methods increase the possibilities of movement and create a balanced muscular system.

At Sana Vita Studio, each client is encouraged to begin with two private lessons. During these lessons, you will receive a personalized introduction so we uncover your needs and individual goals are met. Sana Vita Studio instructors and practitioners approach fitness in a way which includes the physical, emotional and spiritual self, employing a range of methods uniquely tailored to the individual.

The Anatomy Trains theory relies on the concept of synergy ("the whole is greater than the sum of the parts"), which looks at the body as a series of interrelated muscular chains, and not just a system of individual muscles. As instructors, we seek out the pattern, which contributes to the origin of pain in a distressed client; this is an important basis from which to work.

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