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Posture and Functional Exercise

Chicago PTX Therapy Private Lessons

Our posture can have a tremendous effect on our body and the musculoskeletal system functions at  its best when your posture is at its ideal alignment; it moves evenly and distributes weight appropriately. The muscles, joints and spine optimally work together. This class consists of exercises that restore, stabilize, and strengthen working parts of your anatomy. You will see dramatic improvements in flexibility, coordination, and movement. The instructor will address imbalances and misalignment to accelerate better muscle function, relieve repetitive stress, and improve postural health. The class will begin with movement to neutralize your posture, working toward muscle restoration, then stabilizing and strengthening , and a cool down.

The Science Behind PTX Therapy

Sequencing is of utmost importance - "the science is in the sequence."  All exercises and protocol sequences are results-proven from the most up-to-date literature on physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, bio-mechanical kinesiology, functional anatomy, and exercise physiology. The focus is on restoring and improving movement. This will increase activity, optimize function, and reduce injury risk.

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