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Prenatal Pilates class at Sana Vita Studio

A prenatal pregnancy Pilates Class is one of the best activities for a pregnant woman. Some even claim that it is the best exercise to prepare
the body for labor. Why is Prenatal Pilates so great for women before, during and after pregnancy?  During pregnancy, the pressure of the growing baby weakens the entire pelvic area. Pilates helps to strengthen the pelvic floor and lower back which in turn helps prepare the area for the head down position of the baby.

Pilates also strengthens the transverse abdominals and promotes relaxation because it focuses on lateral breathing. Lateral breathing opens up the ribcage and helps lessen the discomfort of a baby sitting in an extremely high position. What does this mean? Less heartburn and pain between the ribs! Just like most other Pilates programs, Prenatal Pilates helps to increase over-all body strength through stretching, breathing to increase relaxation, and a combination of breathing/movement. All of this helps improve circulation of blood and oxygen and creates the opportunity for a more focused, calm, less uncomfortable pregnancy.

Taking Pilates before and during pregnancy means your body is going to bounce back faster. The best way to do this is to have a set workout routine in place prior to pregnancy-- and if not, to consult with your doctor prior to beginning a new Pilates program at Sana Vita Studio. Post delivery, once your doctor has given you the OK, Pilates is excellent for strengthening those stretched out abdominal muscles as well as for rehabilitating after Caesarean section surgeries. It is said that doing Pilates is like peeling away the layers of an onion; the larger outer layer is just the gross movement patterns, and each successive layer brings more flavor and deeper understanding of the movements. Just when you think you have mastered an exercise, another layer will be revealed, and the exercise will demand even more analysis and a deeper connection. Habits that you establish during your pregnancy will carry over to your postnatal life.

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