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"I must be right. Never an Aspirin. Never an injured day in my life. The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier."
– Joseph Pilates

If we are going to use his name, we need to abide by his philosophy which includes:
    1.    Breath
    2.    Commitment/discipline
    3.    The whole body developing uniformly

Teaching Pilates requires imparting to our clients that each and every movement is the action of the whole.

Those who achieve great things rarely, if ever, do it alone. They enlist a support team; they surround themselves with a uniquely-qualified group of people who enable them to succeed. At Sana Vita Studio, we want to be a significant part of your support team to assist you in achieving your goals. There are many “good” things which you can do; however, Sana Vita’s question is "what is the best thing which you can do to accomplish your goal?" When you decide to modify your diet or exercise program, it is essential to conduct an analysis to determine the difference between “good” change”versus“best” change. The principal investment you can make is the hire one of our professional trainers, in private lessons, who understand the best methods to help you not only develop a training regimen and perform exercises correctly in our studio, but to instruct you on the development of an effective plan which can be performed outside our studio. We can show you how to exercise correctly, but, ultimately, it is not a lack of will power, you may have the resolve, but what is absent is a sturdy plan for you to execute when outside Sana Vita. Often our body can be severely out of alignment. This can create a spiral into pain and dysfunction throughout the entire body, especially the back, pelvis, shoulders, and neck. Proper form is essential for success when training from general fitness to sports events and/or competitions. It is the quality of training which influences your progress, more than the quantity. Additionally, an idea practiced repeatedly and regularly actually changes the structure of your brain which makes the concept easier to continue and perform. Considering this notion, you discover how consistency becomes indispensable in an exercise routine. Your instructor will introduce modifications to exercises as needed and offer suggestions to assure safe, effective and constant progression. At Sana Vita Studio, we provide consistent feedback for improvement, help you eliminate hurdles which emerge, and keep you motivated to permanently change your lifestyle.

Exercise is not intuitive to most people: We suggest starting with an introductory private lesson because every client is different; therefore, each client requires an individual approach to define which exercise program is most appropriate for you to reach your health and exercise objectives. One of the most important issues for Sana Vita to address with our clients is a sense of physicality and body awareness. Body awareness is the facility to observe and maintain perception of your body; it is the capacity to feel your body in both movement and stillness. Similarly, if you are devoted to lose weight and tone your body, we recommend you commit to three months of private training. It requires a minimum of three months to halt inferior habits and learn proper exercise form.

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