What is PTX Therapy?

Getting a postural and core assessment is a crucial but often overlooked part of your exercise routine. The PTX Body Assessment will provide

you with information about how your muscles and joints work together and if there are any imbalances that need to be corrected. Your posture can have a tremendous effect on your body and the musculoskeletal system functions at its best when your posture is at its ideal alignment.

What you can Expect from your PTX Session:

Our PTX Therapist will ask you a series of questions with a history to identify any problem areas. A comprehensive postural assessment will be performed to identify any deviation and muscular imbalance. The therapist will inform you about what muscles are short and tight versus long and weak. For example, if you have an ankle sprain on the left side, an assessment will show if your walking stride has been altered. You will learn how you may compensate one side versus the other side. The body naturally wants to use its stronger side, which can cause tension and discomfort.

The Science behind PTX Therapy:

When the body is in correct postural alignment, it moves evenly and distributes weight appropriately. The muscles, joints and spine work together

to help you perform your best at any activity or sport without pain. You will perform a series of exercises that will address your specific postural and muscular needs. All exercises include both a stretch and strength component, and require no special equipment. Resistance is provided by your own body weight and gravity.

Sequencing is of utmost importance - "the science is in the sequence." All exercises and protocol sequences are results-proven from the most up-to-date literature on physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, bio-mechanical kinesiology, functional anatomy, and exercise physiology.

The focus is on restoring and improving movement. This will increase activity, optimize function, and reduce injury risk.

Whether you are doing private sessions or group classes, you will leave the session with a wealth of information that can be used here at our studio or at home.

This is what your first visit will entail:

1. In person session with accredited Posture & Joint Specialist

2. Personalized exercise routine for your specific posture

3. Instructional material via email (printable version available) includes: posture pictures so improvement can be seen

4. Video, and written text instructing your exercise sequence

5. Sessions are one hour in length

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