Adine Bezerita

Adina Bezerita

Contributed by guest teacher: Adina Bezerita

In a technologically driven and disconnected world, we are uploaded into a cyber-cloud of multitasking, sitting day-long in front of devices that encode our expressions of self, and inundated with unhealthy distractions looming everywhere. Can you feel it? What practice can challenge a human being to re-establish the inner and outer connection that inspires mindful living and achieving? Pilates!

I found Sana Vita Studio, a sanctuary of safe practice and exploration in Mind-Body-Awareness. Through Pilates, I was curious to discover what others thought about their experiences. In discussion with clients at the studio, they joyfully shared their insights telling me that Sana Vita studio is a place of trust, loyalty and dedication. In addition, they are dedicated to their long-term Pilates practice that has improved and continues to improve their quality of life and well-being. 
To discover and frame deeper insights from practitioners, I asked: “What did you learn about your body and Mind-Body connection by practicing Pilates?”