Covid 19 Studio Policies

General Safety Guidelines for Sana Vita Studio

1. Maintain social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet whenever possible.

2. Masks are now optional.

3. Trainers will be responsible to sanitize the equipment used by their clients.

4. Clients may wear socks or other foot covers.

5. If you are not feeling well DO NOT COME TO SANA VITA STUDIO! All coughing and sneezing must be covered by using a mask. If you have seasonal allergies you are required to wear a mask. Although these rules seem extreme, they are in place to provide the best wellness opportunity for everyone.

6. Cleaning Equipment: Clean equipment before and after every use with the spray bottles and paper towels. Wipe down spray bottles after every use. Additional paper towels and spray bottle stations have been added. Trainers are responsible parties to making sure this gets done.

7. Personal Items: You can bring your own towels, water bottle & mat.