How does Yamuna Body Rolling work?

Yamuna Body Rolling works the way a hands-on practitioner works-only using a ball. The ball replaces hands as it moves on muscles to stretch them, dislodge tension and discomfort, increase blood flow, and promote healing.

Lying over the ball, you literally roll your body out almost like dough, stretching and elongating your muscles. The YBR routines follow specific sequences that match the body's own logic and order. Starting where each muscle begins, at its origin, you roll toward where it attaches to the point called its insertion.

The Yamuna Body Rolling practice has earned respect from chiropractors, physical therapists, Yoga instructors, Pilates and Gyrotonic instructors, massage therapists, body workers, fitness instructors and dance teachers.

"The beauty of Yamuna Body Rolling is that it takes you from the origin of the muscle at the tendon, elongating the muscle while stimulating the bone and soft tissue. Working with the body's own gravity, the exercises ease movement in the muscles to the point of relaxation, offering one of the finest weight-bearing exercises, with the benefits of a deep self-massage."

--Ms. Fitness Magazine

"The idea behind Body Rolling is that tension starts where the muscle originates-in the dense fibrous tendons that anchor them to bone. It's this precise attention to stretching muscles from tendon to tendon that makes the exercise unique…After 15 minutes of doing the exercises on both legs, I can bend over and place my palms flat against the floor, a move I can usually only execute at the end of a two-hour yoga class."

--Catherine Guthrie

Health Magazine