Chicago Pilates, Yoga and Yamuna Body Rolling Private Sessions

Private sessions must be scheduled by email: or by phone: (312)829-8482

The principal investment you can make is the hire one of our professional trainers, in private lessons, who understand the best methods to help you not only develop a training regimen and perform exercises correctly in our studio, but to instruct you on the development of a strategic, effective plan which can be performed outside our studio.

  • Beyond just a strong and defined body, intelligent movement gives us a medium with which to create a more defined version of ourselves.
  • Pain and stiffness in the body is the result of a movement pattern that has been adopted to compensate for a dysfunction in another part of the body.
  • If we don't have a process, a practice for moving from where we are to where we want to be, ending pain remains only an idea. Practice moves us from idea to reality.

Private Sessions are the best way to learn proper technique. They are also a great way to ensure that Yoga and Pilates class exercises are performed correctly, creating a stable and flexible structure.

  • It is the quality of training which influences your progress, more than the quantity.
  • In the first session we will assess your abilities and develop a goal plan.
  • For the next sessions, you will perform those exercises that will lead to the goal. Our instructor will observe you and create a record of progress.
  • All Private Sessions will last 55 minutes.

Semi-Private Sessions are a great way to try out Pilates or Yoga when you don't want to travel the road alone. We have the answer!

  • Under the skilled eyes of our instructors, you can share the learning experience with someone you trust.
  • Duets and triplets are Sessions shared between two or three friends.
  • All Semi-Private Sessions will last 55 minutes.

Those who achieve great things rarely, if ever, do it alone. They enlist a support team; they surround themselves with a uniquely-qualified group of people who enable them to succeed. At Sana Vita Studio, we want to be a significant part of your support team to assist you in achieving your goals. At Sana Vita Studio, we provide consistent feedback for improvement, help you eliminate hurdles which emerge, and keep you motivated to permanently change your lifestyle.



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